Kimens prototypes Mold Types

Kimens prototypes is capable to provide our customers with diversified molds for tools for both plastic and metal parts manufacturing. With our internal die-making equipment and superior suppliers, our tool and die are made by CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and stamping. Whether you need rapid tooling for short-run production or dies for mass production, KMS prototypes is your smart choice.

Vacuum Casting

Vacuum casting mold is use for making small batches of plastic parts. A custom mold can last between 30 and 50 shots. Vacuum casting molds made by soft silicone and it has a shorter production time, which means the high efficiency for small volume production.

Stamping Tooling

12-years of rich experience in sheet metal stamping processing – KMSprototypes have been always given customers a great sense of security in four aspects: project quotation, die-opening technology and speed, processing technology maturity, finished product satisfaction, and delivery speed.

Injection Mold

Plastic injection molds usually are made of aluminum or steel. They are used to make parts from glass-filled nylon, acrylic, silicone, etc.
Metal powder injection molding is an effective way to volume metal parts in small sizes. The materials of MIM mold mainly include stainless steel, 304 steel, 314 steel, 316L, titanium alloy, etc.

Rapid Tooling

Rapid tooling does create a product mold in quickly. It has a reduced tooling lead time.
With the lower cost from rapid tooling, it can be beneficial for companies. The lower the cost of raw materials, the lower the production cost is. You deserve cheap but high-quality products.

Die Casting

Die casted parts are strong, made of solid metal
Metal parts can be produced in complex dimensions
One mould produces thousands of identical casts
Complex mathematical accuracy
Brilliant surface finishes available
Heat, chemical, and pressure resistant
Efficient and repeatable manufacturing process
Fastest method for creating metal parts in volume

Production Process

From making prototypes to opening molds to mass production, 2fprototyps receives hundreds of orders from all over the world every day for production. 2fprototyps has no MOQ limit and accepts any quantity of production scale. 2fprototyps provides one-stop service for materials, processing, post-processing, home delivery, etc. You only need to provide us with 3D drawings, which will save you a lot of time to do other things.

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