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Rapid and Manufacturing Services

As a full services provider, we devote ourselves to your making ideas, design of prototype and product machining through a variety of manufacturing methods such as CNC machininginjection moldingrapid tooling and others. Please request a quote for today.

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CNC Machining

We are a leading global manufacturer of CNC machining, manufacturing complex and tight tolerance metal and plastic prototype parts through CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC drilling advanced technologies. Kimens Proto is to meet customers’ needs of quantity on-demand. Alongside our quick turnaround, we provide CNC machining service in low, medium, and large quantities. Our machined parts are serve across wide industries: automotive, medical devices, electric appliance, hardware startups, machinery automation, robotics, etc.


Fast Injection Mould

KMS prototypes is capable to provide our customers with diversified molds for tools for both plastic and metal parts manufacturing. With our internal die-making equipment and superior suppliers, our tool and die are made by CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and stamping. Whether you need rapid tooling for short-run production or dies for mass production, KMSprototypes is your smart choice.


Metal Working

Kimens Metal Working Service includes laser cutting, bending and stamping process. To make precise sheet matel prototypes and do low volume production that mainly used in industrial machinery, automotive industry, household appliances, medical products, etc. You just send us the 2D/3D drawings according to the precision, size and shape you want.

Welcome to Kimens Prototype
  • In-housed with high precision, multi-axis CNC machines
  • We control the tolerance according to the ISO 2768. Please kindly inform us if you have specific tolerance requirement
  • Equipped with the complete inspection instruments such as CMM, checking fixtures, roughness tester, hardness tester, height gauge, etc.
  • Testing report from our QC is included in every order
  • We are available to provide other testing reports as per your request
  • We are certified to ISO9001: 2015.


What we show you is not only the data, but also the accumulation of our technical experience.


Our Mission

We believe that communication is the key to success. With KMS Proto you have the benefit of designer and engineer input on your design, allowing you to make decisions on materials, part dimensions and more based on all available information. Our engineers and designers will hear your design specifications and needs directly from you, helping them understand every aspect of your project. They will assist you to fully realise your vision to your precise specifications, on time and within budget.

We know have a wide range of international supplier options when it comes to manufacturing and prototyping – let us show you why KMS Proto is the right manufacturer for you.

Our company is built on a solid foundation of customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to meet the production process,the needs of each stage. From the first call with us to the final product delivery.

We hope that our customers enjoy a comprehensive service experience with us.
By providing design assistance, engineer opinions, suggestions and exchanges on different manufacturing solutions , We work hard every day to meet the needs of customers, so you can ideally realize your vision.

Customized Prototype Services

Nothing can be too hard for us. We offer customized prototype services that help those who have a demand for machining their own products. We are willing to tackle the requirement with our experienced engineer team. If you are interested in it, please fill out the form as below to let us know.